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I’m Valerie, I’m an artist and illustrator and I run Artscribbler.com.

Artscribbler was borne out of compulsion and guilt. Like any artist who found the siren call of new art materials and art books too sweet to ignore, I found myself drowning in art items I’ve never fully explored.

As these things piled up, out of guilt, I figured there has to be a better way to make use of them – a way to learn more about them in my art studies while also sharing the information to anyone looking to try them out. And voila! Artscribbler was born.

The site is relatively new and over time I hope to fill it with quality art material reviews, art book reviews, art inspiration and the occasional random post about the existential life of an artist.

ALL of the reviews and opinions expressed here are mine (unless stated otherwise.) Some of them you might agree with, others you might not. That’s cool. There’s enough space for opinion on this planet.

If you find the reviews helpful, have any suggestions on how I can better improve it, want to say hi or have an art material/book I should check out, feel free to reach me at hello@artscribbler.com.

We could all benefit from better information. 🙂

Never have I trusted fortune, even when she seemed to offer peace. All those blessings which she kindly bestowed on me…I relegated to a place whence she could claim them back without bothering me.