Artbook Review: Cannabis Works 2 by Tatsuyuki Tanaka

Who is Tatsuyuki Tanaka? For anime and manga aficionados, Tatsuyuki Tanaka is among the most respected Japanese animation directors around. The Fukuoka-born artist is also regarded as a top illustrator – creating iconic characters or directing scenes from popular animations like Katsuhiro Otomo’s Akira. Among his most recent work is serving as key animator for the anime short 2022 Blackout […]

Artbook Review – Mirage: The Art of Akima

Urban decay and melancholia at its finest is a great phrase to describe the beauty of Akima’s artworks. In Mirage: The Art of Akima, this Japanese illustrator captures occasionally dark urban landscapes and pairs them with doe-eyed schoolgirls doing mundane errands like walking to school, blowdrying their hair, petting a cat, or exploring an abandoned hangar. Okay, maybe that last […]

Review: Color and the Light – A Guide for the Realist Painter by James Gurney

Fancy yourself a lover of light? Chances are, James Gurney’s Color and the Light will become one of the most valuable books you’ll come across. Who is James Gurney The man behind the beloved book series, Dinotopia, James Gurney, hails from New York and is considered one of the most accessible and influential artists today. If you’ve never heard of […]